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Zulu Dawn (1979)

A dramatization of the Battle of Isandlwana, where the British Army met its match against the Zulu nation.

IMDB: 6.64 Likes

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  • Run Time: 117
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The Synopsis for Zulu Dawn (1979) 720p

In 1879 South Africa, the administrators of the British Cape Colony have designs to eliminate the Zulus as a hindrance to their colonial economy. To that end, the British present King Cetshwayo with an impossible ultimatum to provoke a war they are sure they can win easily with their rifles and artillery against native spears. However, that war proves more difficult than the arrogant British commander, Lord Chelmsford, expects as his overburdened army fruitlessly searches for the elusive enemy. However, in the shadow of a hill called Isandlwana, the overconfident British army learns to its sorrow just how badly they have underestimated the tactical skill and might of the Zulu nation.

The Director and Players for Zulu Dawn (1979) 720p

[Director]Douglas Hickox
[Role:]Burt Lancaster
[Role:]Denholm Elliott
[Role:]Simon Ward

The Reviews for Zulu Dawn (1979) 720p

So many good actors, how can it be bad?Reviewed byjukebox-2Vote: 8/10

What an excellent depiction of the blundering that can be made by pompous generals - it's a wonder England held the empire for so long!

If you watch this on video the editing is less than perfect - the subtitles get lost so you can't read them properly.

If you want a good night of it, rent this one and then watch Zulu. The second film shows what happens at the second battle that occurred very shortly after the massacre in Zulu Dawn.

Peter O' Toole is magnificent and the commanding officer that doesn't know how to fight the Zulu and won't take advice from those that do. The scene where the QuarterMaster is making the runners line up for ammunition in the thick of the fight made my skin crawl.

Imagine being armed with a single shot rifle that has to be loaded each time, being short on ammo, and seeing thousands of angry spear throwing Zulu's charging at you. Great film - 8/10

better than the original!Reviewed bydtg173Vote: 9/10

This film is by far, less renowned that its closely linked film of ZULU. although this film was filmed over 10 years after ZULU, it is in fact a prequel, as that battle of ISLANDAWANA, took place prior to RORKES DRIFT, i find this film to be more gripping with its tense drama and action. also it is historically far more correct in its depiction of the battle. my ONLY critism, and it is a petty one!, is that the costume designers are correct in the way that they got the British infantry soldiers wearing "tea dyied" pithe helmets without there regimental badges, as to camouflage themselves and not stand out as bright shining targets as in ZULU, however the same soldiers are seen constantly using short cavalary carbines and not the correct henry martini rifle! overall though a much forgotten and very good film

Reasons for the defeatReviewed byjack_cox_1943Vote: 5/10

I won't go through the details of the movie, as that has been adequately covered in previous reviews. I found this movie very "Hollywood," with little substance. It cannot hold a candle to the earlier "Zulu."

A side note, from an earlier review: "The main cause for the British disaster is fairly clear in the movie, and that's the method of giving out bullets. Peter Vaughan gives a crafty performance as the quarrelsome quartermaster who demands that each bullet be accounted for at the head office. The niggardly way the bullets were dispersed to the men, who were holding the Zulu back until they ran out of ammunition on the front lines while crates of bullets were held back in the wagons, was the primary cause of the disaster."

That may be the "theatrical" reason for the defeat. However, later research has shown that the Martini-Enfield will seize in relatively short order due to the heat generated by rapid firing. The "held back" ammunition theory, and the "un-openable cartridge crate" theory were both debunked after extensive digging at the site.

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