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Winterhawk (1975)

In 1845 Montana, a Blackfoot Chief tries to buy a cure for his tribe's small-pox infection but the white settlers are unsympathetic forcing the Indian Chief to resort to desperate measures.

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The Synopsis for Winterhawk (1975) 720p

Set in the autumn and winter seasons of 1845 Montana, the Blackfoot tribe of Chief Winterhawk are ill. His friend and blood-brother, trapper Guthrie, suggests he ask the Settlers in a nearby settlement for help, but they, learning that Wintehawk's people are infected by smallpox, become afraid and back away quickly. Two fur trappers/smugglers, Gates and Scoby, tell Winterhawk and his Braves to follow them and they will take them to someone that has the cure.The Trappers ambush and murder Winterhawk's Braves as Winterhawk escapes after sensing something is wrong. In retribution, Winterhawk and more of his Braves abducts a young woman, Clayanna, and her brother Cotton, from the settlement. Clayanna's uncle Finley, organizes a posse of several trackers by hiring Guthrie, under protest, to follow Winterhawk and his band of warriors, leaving Guthries woman, Pale Flower alone, to get Clayanna and Cotton back at any cost. However, the two murderous trappers who slaughtered Winterhawk's ...

The Director and Players for Winterhawk (1975) 720p

[Director]Charles B. Pierce
[Role:]Woody Strode
[Role:]Leif Erickson
[Role:]Denver Pyle

The Reviews for Winterhawk (1975) 720p

Just plan bad.Reviewed byslbp_99Vote: 7/10

I had to watch this, thing (thats a good name for it) at school. It was just plan bad. To keep me from falling a sleep during this movie, I was making jokes just like on Mystery Science Theater 3000, to myself. Even the teacher agreed with us that is was a very bad movie. The only thing good about this movie is the ending credits. The reason is because it was the end of this awful movie. I think MST3k could have some fun with this movie. Could Charles B. Pierce be the next Ed Woods, or even the next Rick Sloane (Hobgoblins)? That is a good chance. In my opinion, DON'T SEE IT!

low budget, no plotReviewed bydanny-167Vote: 1/10

From the opening credits when the hero is riding across the plains, i knew this was going to be bad. His horse keeps stumbling. As the camera pulls back, you realize that the horse is running across a plowed field. In the background are the clear cuts with power lines running over the mountains. Worse, under the horse blanket is a saddle.

It goes downhill from there.

Historically, there is little that is true about the story. It is true that smallpox epidemics killed many of them in two different outbreaks (1781 and 1837). When the buffalo disappeared in 1880's it pretty much wiped them out.

They were originally from the Great Lakes region, and traditionally hunted and gathered in the plains and not mountains.

Anyway, this is a film that should be soon forgotten.

Pursuit Western in the Montana wilderness strives for artistic appealReviewed byWuchakVote: 6/10

RELEASED IN 1975 and written/directed by Charles Pierce, "Winterhawk" chronicles events in western Montana in the 1840s when small pox breaks out in a remote tribe of Blackfoot. The titular chief (Michael Dante) goes to the New Americans to apprehend a remedy, but things don't go well and a movie-length chase ensues. Dawn Wells from Gilligan's Island plays the female lead while Leif Erickson plays a mountain man who's friends with the Blackfoot. Woody Strode, Denver Pyle, L.Q. Jones & Elisha Cook Jr. have peripheral roles.

While watching, I was reminded of 1977's "Grayeagle" and therefore wasn't surprised to discover that Pierce made both films. "Grayeagle" is superior, though, and it shows that Pierce learned a thing or two while making this one two years earlier.

The movie has its points of interest, like a notable cast, with great alpine locations and moments of aesthetic wonder. But it's marred by a sometimes draggy vibe with overly syrupy moments and a blaring piano-oriented score that starts to grate due to its booming redundancy. Moreover, Winterhawk (the character) is depicted as excessively mysterious, noble and superhuman, not to mention more time needed spent on his group in the chase for the simple sake of human interest. If you can handle these cavils, however, this is a worthwhile Western.

Some have pointed out that "Winterhawk" is noteworthy because of its respectful view of Native Americans (who aren't really 'native' since their ancestors emigrated from Asia), yet pro-Indian Westerns actually go back to "Buffalo Bill" (1944), "Fort Apache" (1948), "Broken Arrow" (1950) and "The Last Wagon" (1956), not to mention the more contemporaneous "A Man Called Horse" (1970) and "I Will Fight No More Forever" (1975).

THE FILM RUNS 98 minutes and was shot in Kalispell & Browning, Montana, and Durango & Silverton, Colorado.


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