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The Resident (2011)

The Resident is a movie starring Hilary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Lee Pace. When a young doctor suspects she may not be alone in her new Brooklyn loft, she learns that her landlord has formed a frightening obsession with her.

IMDB: 5.31 Likes

  • Genre: Drama | Horror
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  • Language: English
  • Run Time: 91
  • IMDB Rating: 5.3/10 
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The Synopsis for The Resident (2011) 720p

In New York, Dr. Juliet Bliss Devereau of the Brooklyn General Hospital has ended her relationship with her boyfriend Jack and is seeking an apartment in Brooklyn to live alone. She finds a bargain in an old apartment building owned by the handsome and lonely Max and one night she misinterprets his signals and dates him. However she concludes that it is too soon to have a love affair... but is that really the end of it?

The Director and Players for The Resident (2011) 720p

[Director]Antti Jokinen
[Role:]Jeffrey Dean Morgan
[Role:]Christopher Lee
[Role:]Lee Pace
[Role:]Hilary Swank

The Reviews for The Resident (2011) 720p

DisappointingReviewed bydusan-22Vote: 1/10

Very stupid story and pretty mediocre acting. This movie was like made for TV morning program. Plot of the movie suppose to scare you but I actually laughed. Our heroine was playing with a wrong guy and then he become crazy. But instead of the creepy scenes and feeling of being scared of the guy I more felt sorry of him and after a while couldn't stop laughing. Our guy does not suggest a dangerous man being scary or frightening all the way to the end. If I didn't read the plot I would think that this is actually a social drama talking about the harmless patient of the local psychiatric hospital. No plot, no suspense. No character development at all. Just the guy who observes the woman he likes, getting into her apartment. Slow, dull and not entertaining at all - this is the best explanation of the movie. Disappointing.

Good ThrillerReviewed byashman66Vote: 7/10

I have to admit i wasn't blown away by the film, but saying that it kept my attention from start to end and was watchable. Swank was excellent as the new resident of a seemingly cheap flat. She undoubtedly is a fantastic actress and she truly came alive in this film.

You pretty much know whats going to happen about 30 minutes in, as this kind of voyeuristic thriller has been done on countless occasions. But it bounces along at a rapid pace and without the audience getting bored.

Overall a good 7/10.

Seen it BeforeReviewed byrevenge_of_shinobiVote: 5/10

A well acted film that unfortunately offers nothing new once the scene has been set. A third of the way into the film you can pretty much turn off and guess the rest. its a real shame too because there was an element of mystery to begin with which was stripped away far too early leaving only a predictable hour till the finish.

Aside from that the acting is great, the tension is OK, although its not built upon enough, it seemed as if scenes of potentially great tension were cut short just to have action, which, in a horror film, isn't a smart move.

There are a couple of great scenes when the 'horror' came not from the hunter but from the hunted, but overall it never really scares.

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